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No We Are Done Playing  by Tatjanaxxx No We Are Done Playing  by Tatjanaxxx
a puppy is Always fun and a new expierience but they are never tired .. 

Tatjana was standing by a pasture just looking at the horses that were playing outside.. 
Ty one of the young puppies  she recently got walked up to her with his favorite toys .. he kept running back and forth to get them all ... he sat down behind her looking up  when she didn't turned around he pushed his paw against the back of her leg  and she looked down at him 'hey there buds whats wrong '  he took a toy and even if it was covered in his drool  she still caught it 'you want to play ?' he barked not to loud afraid those giant dogs behind Tatjana  will start running  

'alright ' she stood up with the ball in her hand and trew it away  'go fetch ' happily he ran after the ball and  brought it back this was one of the first times he actually brought it back with out chewing it up first 'good boy '  this little game continued for   a couple minutes switching off between his favorite toy .. when Tatjana was getting tired of the trowing away she looked down at him 'no bud we are done '  the look on his little big face  said it all  because he kept looking like that she snapped a picture 

hours work :  3  
tools used : Mouse and tablet 
pictures : my own  
dog : SSK Tyrion
layers : 7 

i know the BG isn't there because i didn't have any inspiration for it ..
shading might fail yeah know that to 
Happy-Horse-Stable Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nawh, so cute!
Tatjanaxxx Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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